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Simple Steps to Create Additional Hours in A Day


“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…” – The Great Book. Mostly we hear things like I’d have checked on you last week but I had a lot on my table or putting off doing something because there are other engagements is very common nowadays. I reckon it is because there are so many things fighting for our attention. How many of us wished there were more hours in a day? The number of hours we have between sunrise and sunset is not enough to do everything we want to do but it is enough to do the important tasks we need to do.

These simple steps have been highlighted to help us manage our time and in turn have more productive days.

Have a To-do List

The first step in organising one’s day is to create a plan for the day. This can be easily achieved by listing out the things to be done for the day. There is a huge difference between what must be done and what would be nice if it’s in place.

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This has to reflect in how the day is planned/organised and directly impacts on the to-do list that will be created. The needs which are urgent and important would top the list before the urgent and not important things, followed by the important but not urgent things. Once done, the wants can now form the bottom of the list.

For those that have a routinely mapped day, it would help to not only list out your daily routine but also set times for them. For example, in this modern age where we get carried away with every ping and alert on our mobile devices, it would be wise to set times for replying messages, emails or answering phone calls. Personal messages can be responded to during break time so as to get more done during the day. A to-do list makes it easy to plan your day before it starts, see at a glance what is important and what is not and make it possible for you to free up space on your list which would indirectly give you more hours in a day.

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Be Comfortable Enough to Delegate

The reason there are more human beings than ourselves is for relationships, help and support. When a to do list is complete, we might still find it difficult to get everything on the list done before the end of the day; this is where you might need to raise your hand for help. To be in a good position to ask for help, you will need to earn people’s respect by firstly, getting your hands dirty often and secondly, only asking for help when it is inevitably needed.

Delegation is a skill that is honed over a period of time. As described above, you will need to earn being able to ask for help and then you will need to not only have competent people around you but you also need to be able to trust them to deliver. Most people end up doing things themselves because they do not believe anyone around them can get the job done; but one of the main ways of increasing your number of hours is by adding other people’s hours to yours. Even if the person doesn’t get it right the first time, he/she would improve and do better subsequently and under good and patient tutelage.

Automate Some of Your Processes

As an individual or business owner, you need to be able to do more with less. This means you need to be able to add more duties and tasks to your plate when necessary. You might belong to a class of people that have a long, important to-do list, have few people to delegate to or maybe have recorded some losses or bad experiences from delegating to people. It is at this juncture, we need to employ a more versatile approach which would involve less human intervention and produce better results.

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Technology is a field that has changed the way we, humans live and in doing so it has helped in doing what we do for ourselves with little or no errors. When it comes to computing, there’s this saying of “garbage in, garbage out” meaning the computer would give you an output that is based on the input. In the light of the above, as long as the input is correct, you can be rest assured that the output of an automated process is without flaws. Aside from a huge drop in the possibility of errors, automation of your processes can also free up some more hours on your daily schedule that can be used for more pending matters.

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