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Data Analysis – 3 Ways Industry Leaders Remain Ahead

A large number of people would wish they have a crystal ball that would let them into what the future holds for them; would want to know what will happen in the next second, minute, hour, day, weeks or year(s). Data Analysis can help predict the future. Predicting the future can come in many forms; like going to the last pages of a suspense novel to know how it ended or fast-forwarding a movie to know what befell the actors in the movie.

Being able to predict the outcome of one’s life/business is very important or at the very least, the direction. The following have been researched as ways of knowing what lies ahead:

data analysis
  • Look at Your Past

Someone once said that another definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. More often times than not our future is determined by our past or the trajectory path of the future takes a cue from the events in the past. Where we are going to must match what we currently do – our present which soon becomes our past.

When some people trip and fall, they get up, dust themselves and continue moving. Some others stay down whilst the majority would get up, look back at what might have caused the fall before moving on. It is important to take a break once in a while and look back on what has happened in our immediate past and learn lessons from it. These lessons go a long way in letting us know what to avoid in the future and most importantly what to improve on to get desired results.

  • Collect Data

Majority of business owners believe that data is useful but they sit on the fence as to when, how and what data to collect. Most times, we hear statements like – “We are just starting out, we’d start collecting data when we are big enough…” Other times, you get – “I know the ins and outs of my business; there is nothing about the business I am not privy to…”

Data Analysis

The mistake a lot of Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Managers make is that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second best time is now according to the Chinese proverb.

The value in the size and quality of data an enterprise has cannot be over-emphasised. Whilst knowing every nook and cranny of your business is great, for posterity reasons, recording and saving data would be the way to go. It is important to note that data collection in an easily accessible format would not only catapult your business to the future but make it remain relevant decades after the founder is no more.

  • Let Data In

To get more accurate and rewarding prediction, one must engage a more powerful and more precise approach. Algorithms have been written by experts in the field of data analysis after years of onerous research and careful sampling. These algorithms have been built into software applications that have continued to evolve over the years. The awesome thing about the algorithms is that different minds have come together to produce a work that can deliver great results across board irrespective of the kind of data one is analysis or the kind of industry one finds himself/herself.

Due to the peculiarity nature of data, there are loads of applications developed from different algorithms just to spot trends and predict the future. Some of these applications/algorithms are trained to think in a certain way and swiftly adapt to changes. It is therefore not enough to have access to these software applications, it is expedient to have access to the expertise that can professionally handle these applications in such a way as to produce the desired results.

We, at DataXpert have not only worked with most of the leading data analysis and reporting software applications, we also have the trained eye to spot trends and proffer solutions to decision makers. This expertise has been acquired by our Consultants having worked in different industries at different levels.

Call on the Gurus in the field of Big Data to help you predict the much desired future accurately. Contact us at DataXpert to make decision making in your organisation seamless and make your competitors to always be a step behind.

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