New Beginnings, Is it?


We say happy new year because it is the dawn of a new calendar year. According to NASA, a tropical year is a period of time that takes the sun to pass from vernal equinox to vernal equinox – this is equal to 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds. This is used to keep track of seasons, planting and harvesting – NASA, 2021.


The above reason explains why there is basically little difference between the night of the 31st of December and any other night of the same year. The 31st of December doesn’t have an extra night or a longer night but just signifies the period of time it takes the sun to complete a task. If you are not the sun as I want to believe, then the basis of celebrating the new year should be based on different metrics outside the turn of the calendar or an increment of the year part of the date.

As humans, we typically need a time or times to reflect and take stock/account of our past, current and future undertakings; the new year or our birthdays/anniversaries are good times to take such stock. Besides the above, the new year plays very little significance in our lives. Therefore, to make the best of the new year, we ought not to just set goals but deliberately turn a new leaf to alter the course of our lives and businesses. I’d like to touch on three (3) things that can help as a business owner to make the best use of the new year. (G.A.T.)

  1. Goals
  2. Actions
  3. Track
  1. Goals are simply bringing the future to the present on paper or better still, in words and/or numbers. I know a lot of us would have differing opinions on this, especially because of the happenings of the just concluded year, 2020. I’d like to use this moment to commiserate with those that lost people during the year – I hope the Almighty God grants us the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. With goals, you have to develop a positive mindset to let you set the appropriate goal(s) for the year. Inasmuch as the past year, 2020 was full of surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant, we still have to set goals for our personal and business/career lives.
  • Metrics

A goal is essential to let you know when you are doing well or how close you are to the mark of the metrics you set for yourself. Without goals, you wouldn’t know if you have achieved a feat or not and you wouldn’t be able to celebrate small wins. Taking time to celebrate oneself is good for your self-esteem and this makes the journey worthwhile.

  • Categories

Goal setting should be in categories. The main categories should be relationships – both vertical and horizontal (Spiritual and with fellow humans), career, personal development, financial, etc. it is important to note that business owners ought to have goals for their organisations as well.

Match Your Words with Actions

One of the main reasons goal setting is critical in achieving success is so that one has a picture of the future in mind before it arrives. The beautiful thing about this is you have the opportunity to paint whatever picture you want for yourself and by so doing gravitate towards the picture internally. It is however not enough to set goals and dream; one must consciously move in the direction of the goal by getting oneself prepared not only for the golden opportunities once they produce themselves but also for the challenges that wouldn’t look too “golden” at the surface level.

Follow Through

Asides setting goals and writing them out, one must act in a way to match the goals. Most times we hear people say things like: “I want to be closer to my family and spend more time with my kids” but they increase the number of hours they work either to meet deadlines or to earn more; some even take up a new job that is more demanding because it pays more. If you must live the future of your dreams, then you must act the part not just say it.

Track Your Progress

There is no point setting goals if there is no set aside time to check and measure results of the efforts put in. This is true for both individuals and organisations. As an organisation, depending on the industry you operate in, goals or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be measured on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

  • KPI

A KPI is most beneficial when set against achievable targets. This can be reported in charts that are summarised, easy to read and understandable to a layman. The KPIs need to measure different aspects of an organisation – this means that different teams/departments will have different metrics to be measured by and might have different reporting periods or frequency of results tracking. This can be easily achieved with our plans – for more details, check here.

Happy New Year and may 2021 be the best year yet! If you need help in achieving any of the 3 points highlighted above for your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us using any of the channels listed below.

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