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Success is defined by Oxford Dictionary as “a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains fame, wealth, etc.” Based on this definition, we can clearly state that achieving success varies from one individual to another and from one organisation to another. It is clear from this definition that the key word is desired aim which can also mean objective, target, intention, ambition, purpose, aspiration, goal, etc.



Everyone wants to be successful but not everyone has what it takes to become one. One of the reasons being that people or organisations do not have a tailor-made definition of success for themselves. It is clear from the Oxford Dictionary definition that to be successful one needs to be intentional for starters. Success rarely comes overnight and when it does, being intentional keeps it going. We have individuals that didn’t set out to be wealthy or famous but ended up being wealthy and/or famous. To remain wealthy or famous, they would need to be intentional; intentional about the places they visit, the things they say, what they wear and how they manage their wealth. This is because they have attained an influential position and their behaviour has a great impact on not just themselves but also those that look up to them.


“When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable” according to Myles Munroe. The same way what we own and use are defined and created for particular reason(s), individuals and organisations should have a purpose, a reason for their existence and presence. What need(s) are you created to meet, what value(s) are you meant to add and what problem(s) were you made to fix in the world? The answers to these questions make the definition of success easier and possible. As organisations, our core values and mission statement should form the basis of our purpose. Success can only be achieved when our daily activities are in line with our purpose.


Norman Vincent Peale wouldn’t have said it better – “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”. One of our biggest undoing is not taking the bull by the horns. We have several factors that stop us from starting that career, that business or taking that vacation. Year after year we give ourselves and those around us that care to listen very valid points and reasons for our lack of drive. The best way to get started is to start – set your first foot forward. It is nice to want to figure out everything from the beginning, every possible outcome of our choices from the start but that nearly almost never happens. Get your feet off the ground, get started even when you do not have all the answers. There is no failsafe way to succeed but failure is guaranteed when you don’t get started. Be ambitious, give it a shot and not just a shot but your best shot!


For many football fans, this is a familiar word but most of us go about life without being able to shout GOOOAAAL!!! The main reason is that we do not have goal(s) or we have it in our head and not written down. Let me start by defining what a goal is in football – this is when the football, a leather ball is kicked or headed into the goalpost. Every other part of the 7,140 square metre of a professional football pitch doesn’t count when the football rolls over there except when it crosses the line in front of the goalpost.

Some times we hear the saying that the football match was won on the bench – meaning that the match was highly technical and decisions that were made by the technical team and manager made a whole lot of difference. This can only be achieved by planning.


Personal Development Plan

What is your personal development plan? As an individual and organisation, it is important that one is drawn up to assist in achieving your goals and becoming a success in your different day-to-day activities. A personal development plan is a detailed, well-structured, articulated and written plan that will demand your loyalty and commitment. As described earlier, the definition of success varies from person to person; it also varies from one aspect of our lives to another. An individual is made up of many parts and your behaviour is mostly patterned after the places you grew up, live, visit, the friends and relationships you keep and the books you read to mention a few. The following points have been listed as some of the key areas of a human being – this can also be applied to an organisation because it is basically a group of people coming together to achieve common goals or set of objectives.

Be ahead of the game. Be top in your industry. To be a force to reckon with in your sphere of influence, you need to take your game a notch higher.

Your personal development plan should cut across every facet of your life – including but not limited to spiritual, family/relationships, finances and career. The following has been crafted to help you create a personal development plan for 2019

1) Building spiritual capacity. Intentionally working on building your spirit man because man is essentially a Spirit being. This sharpens your senses and negotiation skills.

2) Have a list of books to read in 2019 (weekly, monthly or quarterly)

3) Plan to attend professional and career development seminars, conferences or workshops; if possible be a speaker.

4) Get a list of mentors or coaches that have been to where you want to be and learn from them. There is no need reinventing the wheel.

5) Acquire relevant skills to develop, sharpen and enhance your ability to serve people and make it possible to increase your earning capacity.

6) List out events, cities, places and nations you would visit for leisure, recreation, education or just for networking.

7) Research and jot down the networks and associations you would like to join to move you in the right direction towards your goal.

8) As an organisation, have a list of additional products and services you will be providing to increase your impact and income. As an individual, you should also have a list of services you will be providing to add value or meet a need around you.

9) Take out time to jot down relationships that need to be cut off, friends that need to be let go and also relationships that need to be forged.

10) Make sound and wise investment plan for the year – let your money work for you. As an entrepreneur, create an investment plan for your organisation as well.

Please note that these points are not exhaustive but a great way to set your foot in the right direction. Having a positive attitude and a set time to achieve the goals or plans you have for 2019 is important.

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