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Business intelligence has given large companies like Facebook and Google access to powerful data analysis capabilities that have driven exponential growth and allowed them scale globally.

Getting insights and finding trends is essential for your business to scale and adapt which is exactly what business intelligence is all about. There are millions of solutions when it comes to business intelligence and data is the bedrock of business intelligence.

To support your business, we have listed some important skills you need to watch out for when hiring a data expert for your business.

1. Domain knowledge about your industry

It’s not enough just to have the technical skills, your data expert should have a solid understanding of your business industry. Algorithms, formula and models have no value in the abstract – their value comes when they are deployed within an organisation so your data expert needs to understand the objectives of the organisation, the strategic direction, the constraints under which it operates and so on.

2. A solid grasp of key statistical concepts

Your data expert needs to have an understanding of which models or methods are most relevant or applicable in what kinds of situations. Ultimately if someone doesn’t fully understand the tool they’re using, they’re not going to be able to logically interpret the results for you, and flawed interpretation can lead to decisions being made based on incorrect information, which has potentially serious consequences for your business.

3. Comfortable with both structured and unstructured data

It’s not realistic to expect data scientists to be familiar with every possible unstructured data tool but they do need to be generally comfortable working with unstructured data and understand how to manage it, perhaps with good knowledge of one or two database system implementations.

4. Technical skills

It doesn’t necessarily matter which languages someone knows, as much as the willingness to adapt and to be able to learn new skills quickly.
It’s not necessary (or indeed possible!) for an analyst to be familiar with every tool in the market, but I’d certainly expect them to be comfortable with several, even though they might specialise in one.

5. Communication skills

Whilst your data expert may not necessarily ever be client-facing, they certainly will be internal staff-facing. The role only succeeds if the data scientist can communicate their insights effectively and engagingly to those whose job it will be to deploy them throughout the organisation.

At Data Xpert, we are all these and much more!
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